Uttarakhand received the first consignment of Covid- 19 vaccine on Wednesday.

A total of 1,13,000 doses of vaccines reached Dehradun and were dispatched to all the districts by evening.

State health secretary Amit Negi said, “Of a total 1,13,000 doses received by Uttarakhand, 1,640 doses are being made available to health care workers of central health units, 3,450 armed force medical services and 1,07,530 doses to health care workers of state government and private health services. Thus, 1,12,620 vaccine doses will be distributed today.”

Vaccine vehicles had reached the state capital well in advance and after getting the vaccine supply moved to their respective districts. Uttarakhand is expecting to receive the new consignment of the Covid-19 vaccine soon.

Vaccination will be done in a phased manner; vaccination will be given to health care workers from January 16.