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India won’t forget, forgive Pak for Uri attack: PM Modi |

In his first public address since the terror attack in Uri that left 18 Indian soldiers dead, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday sent out a strong message to Pakistan, saying India would never forget the attack and "there is only one country exporting terror across Asia”.

“There is only one country exporting terror across Asia. They want terror, bloodshed, not development,” Modi said, addressing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National Council meet in Kozhikode.

He said that terrorist like Osama bin Ladin got shelter there (Pakistan).

Saying there is anger across the nation, Modi said that "India will never forget the Uri attack and will not forgive" the country responsible for it. "The sacrifice of the 18 soldiers would not go in vain," he said.

Modi, however, said, "We are ready to fight, but against poverty, unemploment and illeteracy."

Accusing Pakistan Government of "misleading" its people on Kashmir and questioning Pakistan&’s stance on terrorism, Modi said, “Leaders of neighbouring country used to say that they will fight for 1000 years, but where are they lost now”.

Earlier in the beginning of his speech, in an effort to woo the people in the state, Modi said, “BJP can change Kerala&’s future. The party can turn the state into No.1 state in the country”.

“Kerala, God’s own country, is the land of great saints. The place has an impression of purity and holiness. The devotion and spirituality is not because of the land but because of people, saints and culture here,” Modi said.

“When I visited the Gulf countries, I made it a point to visit the people of Kerala who are based there,” he added.

Saying that the last centuries saw three great philosophers in the country, Modi invoked the names of Deen Dayal Upadyay, Mahatma Gandhi and Ram Manohar Lohia. He then said that the party is committed to the welfare of the poor.

The three-day BJP National Council meeting began on Friday.

After the public meeting, Modi will chair a meeting of top party functionaries, party sources said.

He will then meet Christian bishops at the Kozhikode Guest House, where for the first time a prime minister of the country is staying overnight, the sources added.

On Sunday, Modi will meet state level leaders of NDA allies in Kerala. He will also join in the traditional ‘Onam’ feast before he returns to Delhi, according to the sources.

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