After the Supreme Court delivered the most awaited 134-year-old verdict on Ayodhya land dispute, reactions started coming in from both the religious sections in the country. India’s neighboring country Pakistan also came forward to give its reaction, which was not at all necessary, on the verdict on Saturday.

India rejected the Pakistan’s unwarranted and gratuitous statement on the Supreme Court’s verdict of Ayodhya dispute, saying that it is a civil matter that is completely an internal matter of India.

The Pakistan Foreign Office in a statement expressed ‘deep concern’ over the Indian Supreme Court’s verdict in the Ayodhya land dispute case, which was delivered early on Saturday.

Referring to the decision, the Foreign Office Spokesperson of Pakistan said that the decision has, “once again, failed to uphold the demands of justice”.

“This decision has shredded the veneer of so-called secularism of India by making clear that minorities in India are no longer safe; they have to fear for their beliefs and for their places of worship,” it said.

“A process of re-writing history is underway in India in order to recast it in the image of a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in pursuance of the Hindutva ideology. It is also fast affecting India’s major institutions,” the Pakistan Foreign Office statement said.

The Indian side slammed Pakistan for its comment on the internal matter of India.

“We reject the unwarranted and gratuitous comments made by Pakistan on the judgement of the Supreme Court of India on a civil matter that is completely internal to India,” the Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement.

“So, while Pakistan’s lack of comprehension is not surprising, their pathological compulsion to comment on our internal affairs with the obvious intent of spreading hatred is condemnable,” the statement said.