Despite India having the largest number of people who donate or volunteer time for good causes, it is still lagging behind when compared to the size of population ranking 106th on global index, according to a report by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

CAF is an international non-profit organisation which promotes effective giving and philanthropy worldwide.

Interestingly, the neighbouring Myanmar ranks first in the list, followed by the US and New Zealand.

As per the CAF World Giving Index, in 2014, more than 334 million Indians helped a stranger, more than 183 million gave money and more than 156 million volunteered time.

Representatives from the corporate sector, civil society organisations and students of Post Graduate Program in Development Management (PGDM) at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) exchanged ideas during the World Giving Index Roundtable here, organised by CAF India in association with SPJIMR.

The annual CAF World Giving Index is a study of global charitable behaviour based on surveys in 145 countries carried out by the American research firm Gallup.

"Wealth is not always the best measure of generosity.

It’s not always about how much money you are giving, but also about how we are engaging with beneficiaries. The WGI report has revealed that India still has the largest number of givers but as a proportion of our population, it’s not huge," CAF India Chief Executive Officer Meenakshi Batra said in a statement.

The report found that the proportion of people in India donating to charity in 2014 had fallen to 20 per cent, down eight percentage points from 2013.

"It is important that the corporate sector integrate their social responsibilities with the objective of making money. The bridge needs to be crossed and this is where white papers like the World Giving Index are important," Yes Bank Assistant Vice President Responsible Banking Abhejit Aggarwal said.