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India, Pakistan should shun animosity, work for peace: J-K minister

Statesman News Service | Jammu |

Welcoming the verdict of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Kulbhushan Jhadav, chief spokesman of the Jammu and Kashmir government and minister of Public Works, Naeem Akhtar, has stressed that India and Pakistan must shun their historical legacies of animosity and confrontation, and work towards peace and prosperity of the region.

“Our region has witnessed enough of hangings, bloodbath and animosity of which the state of Jammu and Kashmir becomes the primary victim. It is time for the political leadership of the two countries to work together for peace and prosperity,” Akhtar said.

He welcomed the decision of International Court of Justice on staying the execution of Kulbhushan Jhadav, saying that baying for each other’s blood is not going to help any country.

“All problems can be resolved through dialogue,” he said.

Akhtar said both the countries must shake hands with each other to put the South Asian region on a new trajectory of development which will change the social, economic and political landscape for good.

He said the two countries can show the way on transforming legacies of past into opportunities for future.

“The history of past seven decades testifies that war mongering and violence has not yielded any results. The two countries must shun their historical legacies and move ahead on the path of peace, prosperity and economic development,” he said.