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‘In interest of country…’: Rahul Gandhi’s message to PM on advice of Manmohan Singh

Rahul Gandhi also criticised the government over the handling of the situation in Ladakh.

SNS | New Delhi |

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the interest of the country, should accept the advice of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Earlier in the day, Manmohan Singh, in a statement on the Ladakh clash that killed 20 soldiers, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi must be “mindful of the implications of his words and declarations” on nation’s security as also strategic and territorial interests.

This comes after PM Modi at an all-party meeting on Friday categorically stated that “no Indian post or territory has been occupied by anyone”.

Rahul Gandhi on Monday also paid glowing tributes to all the 20 Indian soldiers who died in Ladakh’s Galwan valley on June 15, saying India will never forget their sacrifices.

“Tribute to our brothers. You gave up everything for us. We will never forget these sacrifices,” Rahul Gandhi said in a tweet attaching a video of all the Indian soldiers killed in Ladakh’s Galwan valley.

Rahul Gandhi in another tweet also criticised the government over the handling of the situation in Ladakh and said he hoped that the government would accept the advice of Manmohan Singh for in the interest of the country.

“Important advice by former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. For the betterment of India, I hope the Prime Minister will accept it politely,” he said in another tweet.

Further, former prime minister Manmohan Singh, in his firm advice to PM Modi, had said, “We cannot and will not be cowed down by threats and intimidation nor permit a compromise with our territorial integrity. The Prime Minister cannot allow them (China) to use his words as a vindication of their position and must ensure that all organs of the Government work together to tackle this crisis and prevent it from escalating further”.

He added that “this is a moment where we must stand together as a nation and be united in our response to this brazen threat”.

Dr Manmohan Singh further reminded the Government that disinformation is “no substitute” for diplomacy or leadership and added that the truth cannot be suppressed by having plaint allies spout comforting but fase statements.