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If you get email from me, trash it: Rajan

If you get email from me, it: Rajan |

Delivering his last bi-monthly monetary policy statement, on Tuesday, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan said that ordinary customers in the banking system should be careful about responding to fake emails.

"If you get an email from me or any future governor promising to transfer a large sum of say Rs.50 lakh to you if only you send a small transaction fee of Rs.20,000 to a specific bank account, delete the email,” Rajan advised.

“The reality is such emails are not from me and the RBI does not give out money directly to ordinary citizens, even though we print plenty of it,” he added.

Explaining the simple logic to identify fake emails, Rajan said, “While the emails usually contain very convincing reasons why you have been chosen to receive money, ask yourself why I cannot simply deduct Rs.20,000 and send you Rs.49.8 lakh.

“If you think for a moment, you should not fall prey to such emails,” he added.

Rajan&’s three-year term will come to an end on September 4.

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