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SHIMLA, 17 JUNE: The Himachal police has asked the tourism department to “make it mandatory” for all hotels and related outfits to issue an advisory containing clear-cut dos and don’ts for tourists ~ especially foreigners. 
It has also advised the home and labour departments to make it compulsory for all migrant labourers working in the state to register themselves and obtain identity cards. A large number of labourers from Nepal, Bihar, Rajasthan and South India work on various hydro power projects, other industries and orchards in the state. According to the director general of police, Mr B Kamal Kumar, the measures were necessary to ensure the safety of tourists, especially foreigners and women, in view of the rising incidents of crimes against them. A 30-year-old American tourist was gangraped by three Nepali truck drivers in Manali on 4 June.
Mr Kumar said he had also suggested hoteliers must specially guide the tourists regarding movements at night, transport and other aspects. Referring to the Manali rape, he said it could have been averted “had she been cautioned not to venture out alone at night and not to take lift from strangers, that too in a truck”.
He also informed the tourism department that many unlicensed and untrained people are running adventure sports like river-rafting. Police wants that certain calm stretches of the rivers be identified and rafting confined to these areas only. Two tourists died
while river-rafting in the Kullu-Manali region on the river Beas
this season. Such mishaps on rivers like the Beas have become frequent because safety measures have not been “enforced strictly”, and the tourists, too, have not been guided accordingly, said
Mr Kumar.