ITC Maurya, the luxury hotel where US President Barack Obama will be staying during his three-day visit here, has cancelled the leave of its top chefs and asked them to stay put in the hotel during the time.

The chefs who specialize in cooking continental cuisine have been told to remain within the hotel during the VVIP visit. Around 50 chefs specialize in continental cuisine in the hotel, according to inside sources.

Obama, who is to fly down on Jan 25 early morning, will be bringing along his own chefs from the White House, but is keen to savour other kinds of food. The hotel, which has over 430 rooms, has been fully booked by the US team till Jan 27.

The hotel is not accepting any other bookings till Jan 27.

The hotel management was informed three months ago about the possibility of the US president staying there and even the duration of the stay, the sources said.

The hotel was doing its bookings in a manner that the dates of the US presidential visit should not clash with other bookings, the sources added.