BJP MP from Mathura Hema Malini has written a letter to Union Labor Minister Santosh Gangwar in support of the demands by EPS-95 pension holders who have been agitating for years under the banner of EPS-95 National Agitation Committee.

The MP wrote that after retirement, the pension is given to live with dignity in family and society, but the pension holders of EPS-95 are getting very nominal pension. In the era of so much inflation, it is very difficult for these elders to spend their lives with so little money. Hema Malini also wrote in the letter, “The public representative of EPS National Agitation Committee came to me again and again and I was very distressed at their condition.”

Significantly, the EPS NAC represents 65 lakh EPS-95 pensioners.

Commander Ashok Raut, National President of EPS-95 NAC, said that in order to get the demands of the EPS-95 pension holders and to convey our voices to the Prime Minister, “a letter to the Prime Minister and a tree planting of the NAC martyrs name” campaign is being effectively carried out all over the country.

He further said that after the letter, the pensioners have hope. “This fight is longer. The letter of Honorable MP is a silver lining for the justice to all pensioners of EPS-95. In such a critical situation of Corona pandemic, lakhs of people are waiting for their pensions.”

In the letter to Union Labour Minister, Hema Malini said that judiciary has also justified the demands of EPS-95 pensioners. She said that she has submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister along with the delegation of pensioners, but their demands are yet to be approved. Hema Malini wrote in the letter that in view of the Social Security Bill introduced in the Lok Sabha on 19 September, she hopes that some positive steps will be taken in this direction soon.

Hema Malini further wrote, “I wanted to meet you in person with the delegation of EPS-95 pensioners in the monsoon session, but I couldn’t attend the session for some reasons. Despite this, I thought it appropriate to convey the demand of these pensioners to you through this letter.”

Commander Ashok Raut said that EPS National Agitation Committee represents 65 lakh EPS-95 pensioners. After thousands of agitations from the Tehsil level to the National Capital, all the agitations have been withdrawn on the appeal of the Labour Minister. Only in the headquarters of the organization, Buldhana, Maharashtra, there has been a gradual fast for the last 640 days. We hope that the Labor Minister will soon give justice to pensioners and there will be prosperity in the family of pension holders.