Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday said the government was ready to have a discussion on all the issues including the JNU row in the upcoming Budget session.

Speaking to reporters, Naidu said Parliament could not transact much business in the last two sessions due to disruptions.

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with Opposition leaders on how to ensure smooth functioning of Parliament. Before this, he had also discussed the GST Bill with Congress president Sonia Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh," Naidu said.

The government will try and get all the important bills passed in the Budget session, he said.

"Some leaders want to raise the JNU issue and BJP MPs also want to discuss the issue. Whatever happened in JNU concerns the unity and integrity of the country," the Parliamentary Affairs Minister said.

"This issue should be discussed as well as probed. The government doesn’t have problem with discussing any issue," the Minister said.

Naidu also said mainstream political parties should not support "anti-national" sloganeering and there should be no politics on the issues related to the country’s integrity.

"If outsiders shouted the slogans, then the students and the varsity should explain how did that happen and who were those outsiders," he asked.

"BJP wasn’t distributing certificates of nationalism but had only termed certain slogans as anti-national," he said.

The Budget session will commence on February 23.