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Ahmedabad, 25 October
At a time when Chief Minister Narendra Modi is trying to ‘secularise’ himself for the national role he aspires to, a school in Ahmedabad city has refused to admit a little girl child simply because of her religion.
 The school administration has actually said so in as many words.
 The refusal of the school to admit a Muslim girl comes just two months after a city mall had refused admission to Muslim youths in celebration mood after Eid prayers on 9 August this year.
 Zahira Momin, a trained pharmacist, had responded to an advertisement by the Kapadia New High School in the city&’s upmarket area for some mid-term  admissions in pre primary classes. Following preliminary inquiries over phone about admission procedures and fees structure, Zahira turned up at the school to fill in the requisite forms.
 During the registration process, the five-year-old girl&’s name ‘Kashaf’ did not reveal her faith. But, as soon as Zahira uttered the girl&’s father&’s name and surname, the school administrator stopped and flatly said “we do not admit Muslims here”.
As Zahira wanted to know the reason behind the refusal, she was told that it was the school&’s policy.
An infuriated Zahira has lodged a written complaint with the district education authorities and demanded that action be taken against the school.
 “ As an Indian citizen, I have the right to get my daughter admitted to any school. They cannot deny her admission on the basis of religion,” Zahira told The Statesman on Friday. She said her family has many Hindu friends and business associates in the city.