A Ghaziabad-based man hatched a robbery inspired by an act of Hrithik Roshan as a thief-in-disguise in movie Dhoom-2.

The accused Raghu Khosla has allegedly robbed passengers in Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains by changing his get up, from a tea-seller to a godman.

Khosla was arrested by the Delhi Police along with a 30-year-old UP Police constable identified as Sreekant, for allegedly robbing a car at gunpoint at the Karnal bypass.

“On August 17 at 5.30 am, a man who was seated in a Hyundai Creta was robbed of his car, mobile phone and some money by three men, after which an FIR was filed,” DCP (Outer North) Gaurav Sharma was quoted by Indian Express as saying.

“GPS was installed in the robbed car through which we traced it to Ghaziabad and scanned CCTV footage to zero in on the accused, Sreekant and Khosla. They were then traced and arrested,” he added.

The police said Sreekant was recruited in the UP Police in 2011, and has a gang with four more people who commit crime while he gives them cover.

The DCP said, “After disposing of the robbed property, Sreekant would wear his police uniform and help them reach a safe hideout. During interrogation, the men said they are greatly inspired by the Dhoom series, and like Roshan’s character in Dhoom 2, Khosla disguises himself to commit crimes.”