Attacking Congress, BJP president Amit Shah on Thursday said the possibility of Emergency cannot be ruled out as long as parties run by dynasty have a chance to rule the country.

He said it is parties run by "dictatorial mindset" which can think about bringing Emergency and asked the people to vote for an ideology and not an individual if they want to avoid such a scenario again.

"If you vote for an individual, Emergency will come yet again. If you vote for an ideology and a party, then Emergency will never come," Shah said while addressing an event – ‘Loktantra ka Kala Din’ (Black Day of Democrafy) to mark the 40 years of Emergency organised by Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Research Foundation.

Noting that the possibility of Emergency will end when people, before voting, think whether the party’s internal democracy is alive or not, he said that it is time for people to change their mindset. Whenever they vote, they should think which party the indivudual belongs to.

"When you decide which party to vote for, find out if internal democracy in that party is alive or not. Those parties which are run on dynasty, those who might rule this country in the coming days, then the possibility of Emergency will not end," he said.

He said "Emergency neither comes through ordinances nor is forced by circumstances but Emergency comes through the dictatorial mindset." 

"Those who have finished off internal democracy in their party, members of one family…I am not talking of one party alone but many parties. In the jungle of 1650 parties in the country, there are only two or three parties in which internal democracy is still alive and one of them is BJP," Shah said.

He said that only that party can struggle against the mentality of emergency and dictatorship which has internal democracy in it.

He said since the country has accepted a multi-party democratic system, it is essential that only those parties should work whose internal democracy is still alive, where there is freedom of expressing one’s opinions and important decisions are taken by workers who come from the lower rungs of the party.