2 BSF member of UN peace keeping died in Republic of Congo during operations

Locals had given a call for demonstration and agitation against MONUSCO throughout DR Congo. The call was for the whole week starting Monday.

2 BSF member of UN peace keeping died in Republic of Congo during operations

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During the bloody armed protests, 2 BSF members of the UN Peace Keeping Contingent (MONUSCO) stationed in Butembo, Democratic Republic (DR) of Congo, died from their injuries.

Following are the places concerned with the attack:

(1) Goma – Place of armed attack. 2 Platoons of India deployed here. 2 deaths took place here.
For last 90 mins, situation peaceful.
Nepal and Morocco Army personnel have reached spot. Bodies of 2 Indians airlifted to Beni.


(2) Beni – Place has been peaceful. These are Hqrs of Indian contingent. 1 Indian BSF platoon deployed here .
Bodies of 2 Indian soldiers airlifted and brought here.

Locals in the DR of Congo had called for protests and agitation against MONUSCO. The call covered the entire week beginning on Monday.

The situation turned violent in Goma (about 350 Km South of Beni and a big MONUSCO base ) with looting and setting fire to UN property.

Both Beni and Butembo (02 BSF platoons are deployed there on detachment since 02 Jun 2022) were on high alert. Monday though passed off peacefully.

However, today the situation in Butembo turned violent. The camp of Morroco Rapid Deployment where BSF platoons are stationed was surrounded by demonstrators.

Congolese Police (PNC) and Congolese Army (FARDC) troops arrived but could not control the crowd estimated to be over 500 people.

Initially stone pelting was done by them. To contain the situation MORRDB troops fired in air and BSF troops fired tear smoke amn to disperse the crowd but they managed to breach the perimeter wall at three different places.

The crowd was repelled but they gathered again. There were reports that armed rebels had infiltrated the demonstrators. The second attack was more fierce and was accompanied by fire from small arms (automatics).

Morrocan and Indian troops fired in self defence. Sporadic firing still going on.

2 BSF personnel succumbed to fatal injuries. MORRDB also suffered one fatality and 01 IPOs sustained gun shot injury. Reinforcements of UN Force (Army component) on their way.