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DM leads the way

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Tells officers to walk to office
statesman news service
Patna, 3 September
Amidst the increase in fuel prices worrying the common man, a district magistrate in Bihar has asked his officers to walk to their offices and also switch off the generator sets there during lunch times for what he claims will lead to a sharp slash in fuel consumption and tame the country&’s economic crisis.
Kaimur district magistrate Arvind Kumar Singh has proposed the idea. In his written instructions to all the district officials, the DM has asked his subordinates to reach their offices on foot in the first week of every month and use only public transport, such as buses or trains, for any meeting or official work either in the district or the state capital, unless there is an urgency.
In a bid to encourage others to follow this in principle, the DM himself has begun reaching his office on foot since 1 September, when this idea was formally launched across his district. “When I myself start doing this, others will naturally follow me,” Mr Singh told The Statesman over the phone.