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Dalit student’s suicide not a caste battle: Smriti Irani

Dalit student’s suicide not a caste battle: Irani |

Illuminating that a student’s suicide in Hyderabad University was not a Dalit vs non-Dalit, Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Smriti Irani on Wednesday said there was a “malicious attempt” to “ignite passions” and “politicise” the case.

“This is not a Dalit versus non-Dalit issue as is being projected by some. It&’s a malicious attempt to ignite passions, politicise the matter and portray it as a caste issue, which it is not,” Irani told reporters here. "Labour Minister Bandaru Dattareya’s is not the only one even Congress MP Hanumantha Rao wrote letter raising issues pertaining to Hyderabad University," she added. 

“Misconstrued information and misrepresentation of facts have led to treat the issue as a caste battle,” she added.

The minister said that the Executive Council of the University, which was appointed by the previous UPA government, had upheld the punishment given to the group of students that included the deceased Rohit Vemula.

In fact, Vermula&’s suicide note has no reference to any organisation or any political party or individual, Irani said.

“Let’s have a responsible and responsive dialogue on the issue. I will stick to facts and won’t indulge in political mud-slinging,” Irani said, adding that the ministry&’s fact-finding team, which visited the University, will return in the evening.