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CWC passes resolution hailing Sonia Gandhi’s contribution

IANS | New Delhi |

The Congress Working Committee (CWC) on Friday passed a resolution expressing its “deep gratitude” to its former President Sonia Gandhi’s guidance and leadership, and commending her contribution to India becoming a political and economic power.

It said she led the Congress through challenging times and difficult situations to safeguard and uphold its ideology and commitment to an inclusive and constitutional democracy by “sheer dint of her firm resolve, unshakable faith and insurmountable hard work”.

“Not only did the Congress party return to power under her leadership, she chose to sacrifice the yearnings of power for serving the Congress organization and the country,” it said.

“Along with former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi created a fine balance between able governance and translation of programmes and policies for people’s welfare through a new rights-based paradigm.”

It commended her and her son (and now President) Rahul Gandhi’s measures like RTI, MGNREGA, Right to Education, Right to Food Security, Right to Fair Compensation for Land and so on.

“Sonia Gandhi’s contribution for ensuring the rightful place of India as a political & economic power in the comity of nations shall always be remembered,” it added.