The CPI-M on Tuesday came out against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his unprecedented attack on the Left and chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan at the concluding rally of UDF’s ‘Aishwarya Kerala Yatra’ here, saying Rahul’s speech sounded like that of a BJP’s recruitment agent.

In a statement, the CPIM state secretariat said the Congress national leader didn’t even try to make a feeble criticism against BJP while he launched scathing attack on the CPI-M.

“Rahul merely echoed the voice of the BJP in attacking the Left just serves to expose the Congress’ meek surrender to communalism. It is just such an approach that has led to Congress MLAs shifting base to BJP in many states,” said the CPI-M on Wednesday in the statement.

Rahul should remember that he himself is a person released on bail in a financial fraud case, the statement said and added that “Rahul would have thought of his brother-in-law Robert Vadra who is currently facing charges of amassing disproportionate assets.”

Gandhi on Tuesday came down heavily on the Left government and chief minister Vijayan over the recent allegations and issues, including the sensational gold smuggling case and the alleged backdoor appointments in government services.

“If you hold the CPM flag, you can do gold smuggling by sitting even in the CMO. If you are with the LDF, you are guaranteed to get all the jobs. Or else, you will have to go on a hunger strike. But the chief minister will not budge to hold talks with the protesters even if they die,” Rahul told the party workers and supporters gathered at a rally here organised at the culmination of the Aishwarya Kerala Yatra led by Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala.