Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said his party will make strong interventions for protecting the interests of fishermen in the country.

He said the Congress would ensure fishing guarantees for fishermen, in his inaugural address at the first national executive meeting of All India Fishermen Congress, which is affiliated to the party.

Gandhi claimed it was Congress-led governments that brought Right to Information Act, Right to Service Act, Vanavasi Rights Act, Food Security Act, and employment guarantee programme.

Under this model, a new act should be formulated for the rights of fishermen, and All India Fishermen Congress will take the initiative to push the government for action, he told the fishermen present from across the country.

Gandhi also alleged that “the BJP led-government is neglecting the common people’s lives and they are diverting natural resources to corporates”.

The government, he said, should take up responsibility to provide protection and safety to traditional fishermen who risk their lives for the sake of the economy, and nutritional food habits of the nation, he said.