statesman news service
NEW DELHI, 8 JUNE: The absence of top BJP leaders, including party veteran L K Advani, from the party’s national executive meet in Panaji and an angry demonstration at his residence in New Delhi today by Modi supporters provided an opportunity for the Congress to taunt the principal Opposition party that is gearing up to come to power at the Centre, possibly under Mr Narendra Modi’s stewardship. Taking a dig at the apparent divisions in the BJP top leadership on the issue of Mr Modi taking over the reins of the election campaign panel for the next Lok Sabha polls, Congress leader Rashid Alvi today said: “I do not want to make any comment as it is an internal matter … people are wondering whether those leaders who are unable to manage their own party affairs are competent to run the country.”
The party spokesperson, Ms Renuka Choudhury,said:  “What has happened outside Advani’s residence should frighten all of us. If a man who is virtually the architect of that political party is now faced with that kind of
rowdyism, then the nation stands warned of what awaits them.”