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HYDERABAD, 18 JUNE: The Congress and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are talking about secularism only to cover up their failures in governance and corruption, senior BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu alleged here today.
“The Congress rakes up this debate to cover up its failures and corruption. This is a useless debate. People know who is secular and who is not. Those who made Muslim League a part of the Union Cabinet, such a Prime Minister does not have the right to talk about secularism,” Mr Naidu told reporters here. “Is Muslim League secular? Is MIM secular? Why did the Congress have an understanding with them? Why Congress and MIM are in power in Hyderabad corporation?” he asked.
Mr Naidu was replying to a query about the Prime Minister’s remarks that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is secular. “He (Nitish Kumar) became secular after he parted ways with BJP? Was he not secular earlier?” Mr Naidu said.
“People are not innocent. Talk about development, talk about growth rate, talk about bringing back black money. The Prime Minister is not ready to talk about it, because of his own failures,” he said. Referring to the Prime Minister’s comments that people know what Narendra Modi stood for, Mr Naidu said the Gujarat chief minister stood for dynamism, decisiveness and development, “qualities which are missing in UPA.”
Replying to a query about Mr Modi’s scheduled visit to Ayodhya, he said, “It is not back to Hindutva. Our agenda is development, speedy development of the country. He is going to Ayodhya for a programme of Sant Ramachandra Paramhansji. It is there in the newspapers. You must have seen it. Then, Narendra bhai meeting Advaniji, what is special about it, Advaniji*** is our leader.”
Describing the JD-U’s decision to part ways with the BJP as unfortunate and painful, Mr Naidu claimed it is still not clear why they broke the alliance. Disagreeing that the NDA is weakened following the exit of the JD-U, he maintained that the BJP is poised to get substantial number of seats in the next Lok Sabha elections and that there will be a realignment of political forces.
Dismissing the talk of a third front or the federal front, he wondered how can it be a reality when the supposed constituents do not see eye to eye in their respective states.

BJP on Mahant
RAIPUR, 18 JUNE: Ridiculing Union Minister and Chhattisgarh Congress Committee acting president Charan Das Mahant’s statement that he would “sweep the state party office” if UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi asks him to do so, the ruling BJP today accused him of indulging in sycophancy. pti