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DEHRADUN, 27 JULY: Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna has expressed deep concern over the infiltration of China in Uttarakhand. Chinese infiltration has been reported in as many as three times in this part of the Indian territory this year.
The Barahauti area of Chamoli district is one of the most sensitive parts on the Indo-China border. According to sources, Chinese soldiers have crossed the border in Barahauti area as many as three times this year. Riding on horses and Yaks the Chinese soldiers were found  patrolling in the Barahauti area.
Director General of Police, Mr Satyavrat has admitted that the reports of infiltration of Chinese soldiers in Barahauti have also come to him. Apparently, there is no information on the damage of pillars, checkposts or camping of the Chinese soldiers at the  border, he said.
Uttarakhand is being considered sensitive from the point of view of border security as it shares its boundaries with Nepal and China. About 350 square kilometers of Chinese border lies in  Uttarakhand. Chinese soldiers have entered the Indian territory in the past. The Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) is responsible for keeping vigil and security at  the border.
The disagreement is over three areas, of which one lies in Uttarakhand, while the other two are in Ladakh, and Arunachal Pradesh. About 533 square Kilometer area of Barahauti in Uttarakhand has been in dispute with China.
Experts have been focusing on a need to strengthen its security and feel that it is now the time when India should take some strict measures.