After India claimed the death of one Army officer and two soldiers, the Chinese government on Tuesday reverted accusing the complainant of crossing the border and attacking Chinese personnel.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said, “China has lodged solemn representations and protests to India. Here, we are sternly demanding India to earnestly abide by the relevant agreement and strictly restrain their frontline troops. They should not cross the borderlines.”

Foreign Minister alleged Indian troops of crossing the border twice and carrying out provocative attacks on Chinese soldiers.

“Indian troops on Monday seriously violated consensus of the two sides by illegally crossing the border twice and carrying out provocative attacks on Chinese soldiers, resulting in serious physical clashes,” China’s Global Times quotes their Foreign Minister.

However, his remarks came after the Indian side reported firing at the Galwan Valley.

“China and Indian side agreed to resolve the bilateral issues through dialogue to ease the border situation and maintain peace and tranquility in border areas,” China’s Global Times further quoted their Foreign Minister.

It is believed that China is upset with India’s ongoing construction of roads and airstrips near the border. According to the projects, by 2022, 66 key roads along the Chinese border will have been built.

Galwan Valley is at the centre of the crisis because one of these roads is near the valley and connects to India’s Daulat beg Oldi airbase.