Intensifying his attack on writers who have returned their Sahitya Akademi awards, author Chetan Bhagat on Thursday asked why the award returnees kept mum when a string of scams were unearthed during the previous United Progressive Alliance (UPA) governments’ tenure.

“Nobody felt like returning awards when the CWG scam happened? Or 2G? Or Coalgate? Or Aadarsh?” Bhagat tweeted.

The best-selling author has launched a scathing attack on the over 30 renowned writers who have returned their awards citing rising intolerance in the country.

On Wednesday he had tweeted: “Did an independent jury give the award? If yes, what does it have to do with the govt? Or was it a govt patronage award in the first place?”

He has constantly questioned the rationale of the protest by the literary elite, and even took a dig at their “anti-government” action.

“You don’t like the govt in power, are u (you) going to give up your passport? Your govt (government) college degrees? Why just an award?” he tweeted earlier.

However, when Hindi writer Rajesh Joshi, who too has returned his award accused Bhagat of being a ‘BJP Spokesperson’ the author retorted: “whether the issue is political or not”.

While it&’s a fact that Bhagat caims allegiance to no political party, his latest tweet clearly suggests that the author isn’t opposed to getting “political” himself.