Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday said the ongoing currency crisis caused by demonetisation would hopefully end by January 2017, even as he stressed on the need for all to work collectively to alleviate the problems of people.
Chandrababu, who has been appointed by the Centre as the Convenor of a 13-member committee to look into all issues related to demonetisation and its aftermath, told a press conference late tonight that December was a “crucial” month in the current scenario.
“December is a crucial month. I hope by January this problem will ease out. By (Sankranti) festival time, things should be normal,” he said.
“This is a major issue which concerns everyone. To solve this problem, we have to think collectively. Ultimately, common man is the sufferer and to end his woes, a collective effort is needed,” Chandrababu said.
Asked when the committee was likely to meet, he said they would discuss and decide the date.
“There are Chief Ministers, experts and NITI Aayog members in the committee. When we all sit, we will discuss what to do and work out ways to go forward,” he added.
AP has already developed certain models for a transformation to a digital economy.
“We are in an advanced stage, in terms of technology, mobile penetration and other things. If we can logically take this forward, there will be better results. Even a backward and illiterate country like Kenya has maximum mobile currency.
We have to adopt such best practices,” the Chief Minister pointed out.
Asked about the Centre’s choice in naming him as the head of the committee, Chandrababu observed, “I don’t know what they had in mind. But first, we have to come out of this situation. And, we should do good to the country.”