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Bhopal, July 14
Failure of authorities to act on an advice for relocating tigers from high density Bandhavgarh reserve to other habitats has allegedly resulted in death of a tiger due to infighting.
The carcass of the tiger was recovered by authorities in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, one of the six tiger habitats in Madhya Pradesh (MP), on 4 July. Authorities in Bandhavgarh reserve have mentioned infighting as the reason of death in their first information report sent to the principal chief conservator of forest and wildlife, MP.
“It has been found after observing the area where the carcass was found that the tiger had sustained injuries after fighting with another tiger, resulting in its death. There were foot marks of another tiger next to the body,” the report by Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve said. The back portion of the tiger had been eaten and there were also canine and claw marks on its back and neck. Bandhavgarh has 59 tigers, according to the 2010 census. The incident took place within 45 days after the Bandhavgarh authorities had brought to the notice of higher officials the need for relocating some of the tigers.
As the present density in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is high, tigers living within enclosures  are moved to other protected areas with less density, reducing the chances of inbreeding, the report by Mr Sudhir Kumar, Field Director of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, said.
The report, which was sent to PCCF (Wildlife) on 21 May, also mentioned the need for training of staff entrusted with the safety and upkeep of tigers. The management of a top priority animal like a tiger in enclosure, is highly complicated and sophisticated, which can be done only by those who have good understanding of tiger behaviour, the report said.
Mr Ajay Dubey, a wildlife activist claimed, the authorities did not act in time, resulting in the tiger death. “There is a nexus of forest officials and poachers in MP which is posing threat to the life of tigers.” he added, demanding strict action.