Statesman News Service
Patna, 7 October
The two erstwhile NDA partners were today locked in a bitter verbal spat in Bihar a day after the BJP formally dragged the name of chief minister Nitish Kumar and other JD-U leaders in the fodder scam in which RJD chief Lalu Prasad has been jailed for five years.
However, the hitting-below-the-belt tussle between the BJP and JD-U, which stayed together for 17 years, has stunned everyone. 
“(Sushil Kumar) Modi is a professional liar, who is known for speaking white lies. It was due to this character that I had once rushed inside the (Bihar) state assembly to beat him up with shoes but he (Mr Modi) sneaked out from the back door,” JD-U&’s Rajya Sabha member Shivanand Tiwari told the media today, reacting to former deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi&’s allegations that both the chief minister and Mr Tiwari had taken fodder scam money.
According to Mr Tiwari, he lost his cool just when Mr Modi told the House that it was under pressure from him (Mr Tiwari) that they had filed a case in the court in the fodder scam although they were unwilling to do so. The incident apparently took place while Mr Tiwari was in the RJD and Lalu Prasad was the chief minister of Bihar.
“I was not in the House then but listening to the assembly proceedings, sitting in the CM’s chamber. This could be in the records of the state assembly… hearing Modi saying all this, I rushed inside the assembly with a shoe in my hand to beat Mr Modi but he fled somehow, or I would have assaulted him,” Mr Tiwari told the media. 
The BJP reacted sharply to this remark, saying that the use of his wording clearly indicated Mr Tiwari’s ideology.
It said Mr Tiwari was reacting out of desperation since pressure is now mounting on the CBI to investigate the role of the JD-U leaders as well in the fodder scam. “Now that the needle of suspicion is moving fast towads Nitish Kumar and his company in the fodder scam, the JD-U leaders are losing their cool,” senior BJP leader and former minister Giriraj Singh told newsmen today.
He revealed the JD-U was now divided into two factions ~ one faction is of those leaders who took fodder scam money while the second is of those who did not.
He further accused the JD-U of going near the Congress to protect the party’s leaders from the CBI.