The BJP on Tuesday accused the Congress of making "baseless" allegations and said the Congress Working Committee meeting should have "worried" about party Vice President Rahul Gandhi rather than attacking the Modi government.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra sought to make a point-by-point rebuttal of the allegations made by the Congress after the CWC meeting on Tuesday. He said the Modi government was working for the welfare of all sections while the Congress party worked for the "welfare of one family".

Patra said the Congress should not worry about the work done by the Modi government as people were happy as reflected in the results of various elections.

Responding to Congress allegations of fear and tension in the society, Patra raked up the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and said it had "instilled a sense of fear in every citizen".

He also referred to the Emergency imposed by the Indira Gandhi government.

Responding to Congress allegations over unemployment, he said that youth of the country were happy with the Modi government.

"There is only one youth whose future is in jeopardy. Everyone knows who he is," he said.

"The CWC should have worried about Rahul Gandhi," he added.

Patra said he was surprised that the CWC had time to discuss about the BJP and the performance of the Modi government but did not discuss "falling fortunes" of the Congress party.

"The Congress party should have discussed whether there is any working hand left in Congress," Patra said.

He referred to Congress leader P. Chidambaram's comments on Jammu and Kashmir and said he had sought to drag the army into the political arena.