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BJP demands fair, time-bound probe into Kerals’s Solar Scam

IANS | New Delhi |

Accusing the Congress of promoting corruption in India, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday demanded a proper, fair and time-bound investigation in the Kerala’s Solar Scam so that the role of former Chief Minister Omen Chandy and others could be established.

“Former Kerala Chief Minister Omen Chandy and many in the then state government are the ones behind the Solar Scam. The base of Congress is corruption. We demand an proper, fair and time-bound investigation in the Kerala solar scam,” Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told reporters here.

Prasad said that it was extremely important to establish the role of Chandy and others had in the solar scam. It was the Chandy government which had set up the Justice Sivarajan commission which has held him guilty, he said.

He said that every time the Congress has been in power they have promoted numerous ways to promote corruption in the country.

Prasad also criticised the Communist Party of India(Marxist)for attacking the RSS and BJP workers, saying that the left believed in aggresion against anyone who did not believe in their ideology.

“The Communists believe in only one thing. Whoever opposes their ideology will be contained through violence and attack,” said Prasad.

After the CPI(M) assumed power there have been killing of 14 people belonging to the BJP and the RSS.