party feels it might change character of house
Stanley Theodore
stanley theodore
Hyderabad, 6 January
The ruling Congress is loath to suspend MLAs who are not allowing the Andhra Pradesh Assembly to function, as it would change the complexion and the character of the House.
With the House unable to function again today, Speaker Nadendla Manohar convened the Business Advisory Committee meeting for a marathon three-and-a-half hours, that too in two spells, to see that the discussion on the Telangana Bill begins.
The regional divide in the TDP and even the Congress, evident in the House, was reflected here. The TRS and the CPI told the Speaker that the government should use it powers and move a suspension motion against the agitating members. The CPI-M said running the House was the government&’s responsibility in any manner it thinks fit.
This had the government in a cleft stick. The YSR Congress and the TDP&’s Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema MLAs are itching to be suspended, as they want to project themselves as the true protagonists for the integrated state. On the face of it the Congress does not want to facilitate a situation where Opposition MLAs look like heroes at the end of the day.
This leaves only the Seemandhra MLAs of the Congress. They too have been holding placards and raising slogans and would want to be suspended.
This means that the government would need to suspend their Seemandhra MLAs as well.
This throws up an ethical question about the propriety of suspending legislators when a historic and immensely important Bill dealing with the creation of India&’s 29th state is in front of the House.
Simultaneously, the
integrationists foresee a highly unpalatable situation. Suspension could
see a majority of the 175 MLAs suspended from the House.
This leaves the 119 strong contingent of Telangana MLAs in the House. Further they would be a majority. They want a discussion and want it done quickly so that it could sent the Bill to the Centre allowing the UPA that much more time to table it in Parliament. Importantly only their views would be recorded and sent along with the AP Re-organisation Bill.
To prevent this from happening, it has become important for the Seemandhra leaders to see that the House remains dysfunctional for as long as possible. This being their outlook the possibility of the House taking up the Bill for discussion is bleak this week.
Strangely pro-Telangana MLAs have not yet grasped the potential reality that they could be thrown in.