The two Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telagana today experienced hot dry weather with the mercury soaring to even above 45 degree Celsius in some pockets as the weather office issued warnings about a severe heat wave for the next five days beginning from today as a fallout of cyclone Amphan which had pushed in North westerly dry winds in the area.

Heat wave conditions usually prevail in early summer in April every year leading to large number of casualties and they are rare so late in May.

But with most of the moisture concentrated around the cyclone Northwesterly winds are blowing in causing the heat wave and dry weather conditions.

The heat wave has come as a shocker to people looking forward to resuming work after the state government granted some relaxations following complete lock down for almost two months.

Hyderabad too experienced tremendous heat with the mercury soaring after getting some respite last week due to intermittent thunderstorms which had brought down the temperature.

People complained that the heat was unbearable and causing discomfort, particularly as they had started venturing outdoors after the lock down. “I travelled from Khammam to Hyderabad today and felt completely dehydrated after travelling for four-five hours because of the unbearable dry heat,”said Mr Kiran, an IT professional who returned to the city after the lock down was lifted.

People have been urged to stay indoors at least till 6 pm in the evening.

In the past twenty four hours Hyderabad recorded 40.9 degrees which is more than the normal temperature.

According to the warning issued by the weather department temperature is likely to soar further to around 42 degrees till 24 May and predicted light rains on 25 May followed by thunderstorms in the next two days.

Although officially the highest maximum temperature in the districts was 43.8 degree celsius at Adilabad, Khammam, Nizamabad and Ramagundam, people posted screen shots of the phones on social media showing the local temperature at 44 or even 45 degree Celsius in Mancherial and Asifabad.

Andhra Pradesh too experienced severe heat wave conditions with temperatures soaring above 45 degrees in Coastal Andhra districts and Rayalaseema too. Many places in Guntur, Krishna and West Godavari districts recorded temperature about 45 degree Celsius even at 3 pm in the afternoon.

Rayalaseema in down South also saw the mercury soaring past 45 degrees.

AP State Development Planning Society recorded between 45-47 degree Celsius in many parts of the state at 3 pm. The Meteorological Centre in Amaravati issued warnings at 1 pm today saying “heatwave conditions are very likely to prevail in isolated pockets in Coastal and Rayalaseema districts for the next three days. Temperature will be between 42 to 45 degree Celsius with dry weather conditions.

Tomorrow, the temperature will be between 45-47 degree Celsius at the three North Andhra districts and East Godavari while in the rest of the state it will be between 43-45 in coastal districts and a little lower in Rayalaseema.

The dry heat conditions and severe heat wave across the state will continue till 25 May. The district authorities have asked to run a campaign to ensure people remain indoors till 6pm.