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Amit Shah discounts idea of a Third Front

Statesman News Service |

statesman news service
LUCKNOW, 13 JUNE: The BJP national general secretary and Uttar Pradesh in-charge Amit Shah (file photo) today discounted the idea of a Third Front in the 2014 election stressing the current polity has now become bipolar. 
He said the BJP was alive to the prevailing incumbency against the UPA government and added the road for the saffron party to Delhi lay via Lucknow. In his first Press conference after assuming the new responsibility entrusted upon him by his mentor and the national election committee chief Narendra Modi he said a change was definite in 2014 and the foundation of the same will be laid in Uttar Pradesh. He added the upcoming parliamentary poll will see the NDA government firmly in the saddle in Delhi.
Mr Shah said the Ram Mandir was on the agenda of the BJP and the VHPs proposal on the same will be looked into by the party. Unscathing in his criticism of the UPA government, he said the Congress-led government had failed on all counts. Dubbing it as the most corrupt government since Independence, he said prices of commodities had registered an astronomical rise and the condition of the poor and the downtrodden had gone from bad to worse.
Speaking on the internal security of the country, Mr Shah said the UPA government had failed to contain the threat from Maoists and terrorists. It had failed to adopt a zero tolerance policy towards them. He said the prestige of the country had taken a beating and the growth rate had fallen below five per cent. Mr Shah said in the light of these all-round failures of the Central government it had lost the moral and constitutional right to remain in power.
Mr Shah accused the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party for being hand in glove with the UPA government. He said had the two parties withdrawn their support the collapse of the UPA would have been imminent . The BJP’s UP in-charge said the winds if incumbency were discernible against the Akhilesh Yadav government in UP also. The SP was able to reap the benefit of the anti-incumbency factor against the BSP government in the 2012 Vidhan Sabha polls. But the 2014 elections will be a different story for the SP as the electorate now wants to see the BJP in power at the Centre, he said.