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After Aadhar for cows, UID for other animals sought

SNS | New Delhi |

A day after the Union government proposed an Aadhar-like unique identification (UID) number to be provided to cows to restrict their smuggling and keep a track on them, many took to Twitter and slammed the move, calling the government "gobarment".

The proposed UID would have details like age, breed, sex, lactation, height, body, colour, horn type, tail switch and special marks of the cow.

While some Twitteratti lashed out at the government, some questioned the timing of the proposal when major issues like Kashmir violence and Naxal attacks should be the focus.

"Instead of focusing on Kashmir, tackling Naxal problem, resolving agrarian crisis our sensitive govt is interested in Aadhar card for cows," one Twitter user wrote.

"38 #CRPF men killed in past two months, yet the CRPF doesn't have a chief. Who cares?#Aadhar for cows is far more important," another user said, while one tweeted, "Cows to get Aadhar like identities in India. It seems this government is seriously considering to take giant leap towards becoming 'gobarment'.

Some tweets questioned why other animals were exempt from the proposal:

"Wow! An compulsory mandatory universal unique Aadhar identification number for Cows with biometrics and hoofprints. y Goats n Sheeps exempt?

"Aadhar for Cows – Dog demands one for him too. I may have to approach Court. "Right to Equality" should apply? Fate of poor Indians."

Some even took a dig at Aadhar's privacy concerns.

"Aadhar card for cows in process now! What if their personal details are also hacked and easily accessible online like ours 😀 #Aadhar."