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62-year-old man held for ‘sexually harassing’ Vistara air hostess

SNS | New Delhi |

A 62-year-old Pune businessman has been arrested by police after a complaint of sexual harassment was lodged against him by a cabin crew member of the Air Vistara’s Lucknow-Delhi flight, the police said on Wednesday.

Accused Rajeev Vasant Dani was arrested by the Delhi police from the airport itself after the complaint was lodged. It is being told that the incident took place on March 24 when the passenger was de-boarding the aircraft after it landed at T3 terminal on March 24. The air hostess told the police that she had been touched inappropriately when he was getting down.

Some of the media reports suggest that the businessman could become the first person to be recommended by an airline for being put on the recently enforced ‘no fly list (NFL)’.

Talking about the incident, Air Vistara spokesperson said, “We have reported the matter to the police and other relevant authorities. An FIR has been registered and the investigation is on.”

The spokesperson added that the Air Vistara does not tolerate abusive or unruly behaviour by passengers that puts safety of its staff and customers at risk or compromises their dignity.

An FIR under section 354A of IPC (sexual harassment, punishable with a maximum term of three years and a fine) has been registered, the police said in a statement.

(With agency inputs)