A 21-year-old girl committed suicide few hours after she and two of her friends were questioned by the local police over the allegations of theft.

The girl belonged to Uttar Pradesh’s Jalaun district and committed suicide Saturday morning. She along with her friends were brought to the police station on Friday afternoon after shopkeepers at a local market accused them of stealing.

The relatives of the girl who died have alleged they were subject to mental harassment and torture by the cops for close to eight hours.

“The police tortured her and made up a story. They grabbed her from the market, where they beat her. They took her to the police station, locked the doors and beat her again. More than the lady police officer, the male police officer beat her up,” the sister of the girl who died was quoted by NDTV ass saying.

“The police have not said anything to us so far and we found no suicide note,” she said.

The Additional Superintendent of Jalaun Police confirmed that a case of suicide had been reported, but would only add that an inquiry will be conducted.

“We have got information from Orai Kotwali Police Station that a girl died by suicide. A post-mortem is underway. After we get this report and conduct an inquiry to get all facts, we will make a statement,” said Jalaun Police over Twitter.