Monsoon is eagerly awaited by all of us after the scorching months of summer. However, our skincare & makeup routine seldom agrees with this sentiment. The humidity caused due to monsoon often leads to excessively oily skin leading to the patchy foundation and runny mascara. There are, however, a few things that we can do to maintain our skin better and have our makeup last longer. As it is important to maintain a skincare routine in both summers and winters, the same goes for monsoon. It is essential to keep our skin clean, hydrated and nourished with excessive humidity levels in the air.

Oil-free nourished skin

In order to ensure smudge free and long lasting make up it is important to ensure that the base is clean. Use a gentle, mild cleanser to clean your face followed by a non-alcoholic toner to help remove any residual dirt on the skin without drying it out. Use water or a gel-based cream/lotion/ serum to nourish the skin without making it oily. Gently blot any residual cream to avoid sweating.

No more patchy foundation

Avoid putting on too much of foundation as the humidity causes it to look patchy. In case light coverage is required, one can always opt for a BB or CC cream. Set this by gently patting on loose translucent powder. This will help in absorbing any extra oil on the skin and give it a soft glow. Use powder based blushes in light pink & peaches to keep that radiant look going. Follow up with a light waterproof foundation.

Monsoon Bright eye

To prepare the skin for makeup it is a good idea to apply a skin primer on the face and an eye primer around the eye area. This helps in creating a smooth & even layer on the skin for the makeup to go on. For eyes, it is recommended to go in for all waterproof and smudge free products – whether it is kohl, eyeliner or mascara. These products last for 10-15 hours and keep you away from worrying about your eye makeup.

Magic of little lip balm

Keeping your lips well hydrated is also required in the unpredictable monsoon. Wear long lasting pastels, nudes and rosy colours as they are back in trend and also help you maintain a soft & dewy look. Using tinted lip balms also keeps lips nourished and gives your pout a hint of colour too.

It is utmost important to never leave for outdoors without blotting papers or oil absorbing makeup strips. These help in keeping the skin looking fresh & glowing for longer. Lastly, it is important to note that clean, clear and well-hydrated skin will always hold makeup longer without causing any blotchiness or patches on the skin. Following a simple skincare routine, twice a day will help in this. Applying simple home-made face packs also go a long way in maintaining clean and healthy skin.

( With inputs by Neeti Chopra, Skin & Hair Expert, Unwind )