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When smog speaks…

Statesman News Service |

Oblivious to our Sanskrit reading skills, it always does
feel nice doesn’t it when our relatives actually take out some time from their
busy schedules when we  the
“Atithi” arrive on their doorstep. Who doesn’t want to be treated
like a “Dev”? Although I do like the permanent vacation I enjoy in
Beijing (Thank God for class annihilation), detours like these bring a zest
into my otherwise smoggy life. The extremely busy people of Delhi decided to
stay back in their homes for three days and there isn’t anything that can make
me happier.

Truth be told, I have always hated the smugness of the
Delhiwallas. What we have been taught by our master Global Warming is that
every small thing or move against us will some way or the other hurt us. We
have been taught to be humble. I remember Jija Ji who supposedly calls himself
the Chief Minister trying to manipulate the family into hating and not
welcoming me.

Mere weird gossips without a breath of truth in them. He
filled their ears that there was something odd in my behaviour; even in the way
I talked and walked nowadays. I had made up my mind not to come back here ever
again only for GPS deciding to toy with my emotions. I had told Commander Wind
specifically to use Google Maps but no! I knew the road to Delhi because of my
frequent ins and outs but Commander Wind still relies on his out-dated Nokia
Maps. It led him anywhere but here.  In
retrospective, I am happy Commander Wind didn’t come.

He always used to put restrictions on my movement. He always
used to give me the example of my ancestors in London who supposedly ate a lot
and became very fat. Not anymore!  I see
the people wearing masks to cover their faces in shame to the awesome person
that I am. It is either that or I stink. I am sad I missed the smoke of Diwali
in Delhi but in life we all have to make sacrifices.

Twitter and Facebook have had many comedians making fun of
me. They didn’t listen to Jija Ji. I have always believed in being
Machiavellian while taking revenge and here I am. You with your masks on and me
in my pride and glory.  I think it is
time the people of Delhi start searching for a tall, fair, un-Maanglik girl
with an odd numbered car.

Udipto koushik sarmah, Class XII, Coordinator, Julien Day
School, Kolkata