Water supply

It is known to everyone that any disruption in water supply can create a lot of problems. Obviously, most of the household works are dependent on water. And the one who is most affected with this disruption is the lady of the house. For the past few days, North Delhi has been facing acute water shortage and disruption. Thanks to a growing level of ammonia, government has curtailed the water supply. Even if the supply comes, it is early in the morning and the rest of the day the taps remain dry. However, this is hardly any big news for a colleague’s mother. In fact, she is happy that government supplies water only in morning because it has helped change the habit of her son, who is infamous for getting up very late. But there is another side to the story, the colleague narrated. Since it is cold, the young man needs warm water to take a bath and for this he is dependent on the geyser. However, the geyser only works when the water tank is full and there is water in the inlet supply. This can happen only early in the morning and so, the boy had no option but to get up in morning or give his bath a miss.

Exams first

Gone are the days when education was given not much importance, especially for girls. Today, education is given high priority and parents do their level best to ensure the very best they can afford for their children. To illustrate this, a colleague narrated how a friend of his found herself in a quandary. Her marriage was fixed in her final year of graduation and she realised the date clashed with her final examination. While her parents and she were reluctant to miss the exams, they were helpless in the face of compulsions of rituals. However, rescue came in the form of her would-be husband and in-laws, who insisted that the girl must appear in her exams. Thus, while the girl was inside the examination hall, the marriage party waited outside. Exams completed, the bride was whisked away to the marriage venue.

All is well

The emotions of a person when diagnosed of serious ailment like cancer are always difficult to explain through words. After so many years of medical advancements, the misinformations, hoaxes and ignorance attached with cancer remain as a stigma. To one’s wonderment, the situation worsens when a patient gets completely misled with false information that ends up in wastage of precious time, money and health. Recently, a colleague’s father narrated how his friend got traumatised by the myths surrounding cancer and ended up wasting a huge amount on medical bills. The father’s friend was diagnosed with an oral disease, which is said to be common with routine tobacco consumers. But, guided by false advertisements and trust in his doctor, the man went to high-end speciality hospitals, without consulting his physicians to get his tests done. In the end, the tests proved that there was not even a single symptom of oral cancer and that the disease could be cured easily but required time. He then returned to his family doctor in embarrassment and the latter prescribed the same bitter tablets coated with a sweet smile once again!

Vile theft

Many are the innovative means that thieves employ in their nefarious “trade”. Particularly when it comes to stealing cars, ofen by fooling the owners or drivers, one is left amazed at the methods used. A colleague narrated how in a busy parking lot in Central Delhi, car-thieves are simply waiting for a chance. An acquaintance of his had bought a new sedan car and, as she normally did, parked at the designated parking lot hired by her company. As she started to walk away, an agitated man hailed her and asked her to move her car. When she claimed that this was her regular parking slot, he pointed to another car behind hers and said he would be gone for only a short while and that he would not be able to take out his vehicle. He then suggested that she take out her car and park it behind his. Agreeing to this, the young lady, however, found it difficult to manoeuvre her car in the tight space. The man then offered to do the needful and took the car keys. However, the moment he got behind the wheel, he zoomed out of the parking lot and drove away. It took a while for the lady to realise she had been fooled and her car had been stolen in front of her eyes.


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Contributed by: R V Smith, Rakesh Kumar, Kunal Roy and Asha Ramachandran