It&’s admission time in Delhi ​University and school kids are getting ready to be formally called as college Futchas. They are ​excited, even in the scorching heat, ​shuttling from one college to other to fill up the ​admission ​forms and leaving no stone unturn​ed​ to get the right college to study.

This time of the season is also the happiest for the vendors,​ ​who stand outside the college to sell youngsters’ favourite- ​​chola Kulchas with a sip of ​nimbu ​pani. The irony is, these vendors this year are not happy at all with their sale.

The business for these vendors has gone down as many students are opting for online admissions. As a result, the low number of footfall in the university takes toll on the business of these vendors.

“Admission time is a festive season for us and we plan where and how to spend the money that ​we make during admission season. But, now ​the ​situation is changing, we are standing idle most of the time,” said Taara Chand, a vendor, standing in front of the Daulat Ram College.

“Earlier​,​ ​things used to get out of stock, I used to sell up to 60 crates of banta soda – each crate ​contains 24 bottles — but this time I did not even cross 10 crates,” Taara Chand added.

Many vendors share the same view in the area. Tanged up with lemon sugar and salt, the old-fashioned homemade banta soda, quenches the thirst of students in hot summer days. The drink is well known among students and local residents who feel like to refresh themselves after a hectic walk in the campus.

As they say, the biggest gain sometimes turns out to be the biggest loss. The same thing ​seems to be happening ​to these vendors.