Twenty-two year old Shalini Gautam and Lavanya Sehgal (names changed) might be two different individuals but they both have one common objective to look their best on Valentine&’s Day this year and they can do anything to achieve that. 

“It&’s just amazing, as this is my first Valentine and I don’t want to leave any stone unturned to look gorgeous. So I have had this facial and my skin looks just perfect,” said Ms Shalini, while Ms Lavanya felt it is better to prepare in advance as “One can see the effect after two and four weeks of treatment, so I used it before the final day after consulting my doctor.” 

To get a beautiful makeover, girls don’t mind going the extra mile to look gorgeous this season. To make the day special, many girls are choosing to wear coloured contact lenses to match their dresses. Eye lashes booster are also much in demand to give their eyes and the face a fresh new look. 

To look glamorous girls are zeroing in on beauty clinics. A huge range of non-surgical beautification treatments like botox, juvederm, eyebrow-lift, glow facials, latisse and many more are available. 

Thanks to changing lifestyles, there has been a remarkable change in the demand for cosmetic treatments this Valentine’s season. 

Healthy glowing skin is also most sought by young girls. “Restylane Vital not only gives you a younger looking skin but gives you an instant glow too,” an expert said. A session with Restylane rejuvenates the skin by restoring hydrobalance and improving skin elasticity, structure and firmness to create a fresh and natural look, he added. 
Dr Neetu Saini, aesthetic dermatologist from Les Cosmedics Laser Skin Clinic, said: “It is a new age therapy, the glow that comes after going for it is natural and could stay up to a year if given proper care and a proper regime is followed. Restylane Vital is a smooth, pure, crystal clear gel based on a substance called hyaluronic acid(HA). 
HA naturally occurs in the skin but with age, the function of this acid becomes less effective and by injecting Restylane Vital into the skin, skin elasticity and skin surface roughness are improved.” 

Another treatment which is in demand is Latisse; it is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis (not enough eye lashes) to grow eye lashes longer, fuller and darker. 

It is very simple and used as liner form. Dr Karuna Malhotra, cosmetologist & homeopath physician from Cosmetic Skin and Homeo Clinic, said, “There is no pain in this procedure unlike others and moreover there is less work as compared to putting on artificial eye lashes. You just have to put the solution on your eyelids like you put liner in the night, with no side effects. It looks perfectly natural.” 

Dr Malhotra added, “In the last 3-4 weeks I have received numerous clients opting to use Latisse.”