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Thriller with a sharp edge

Shoma A Chatterji |

This is what Glamour promises to be when it hits the screen, writes Shoma A Chatterji. And the script and the story by Mahua Chakraborty have the entire cast impressed by her determination.

Detective stories, suspense and murder mysteries seem to be the call of Bengali cinema in 2015. The year got rolling with a very different kind of thriller in Ebar Shabor, based on a Shirsendu Mukhopadhyay story. Though Lorai, directed by Parambrato Chatterjee with Prosenjit leading the acting cast cannot be called a thriller, it is filled with exciting moments of suspense where you do not know what will happen next, how and why. In keeping with the momentum created in the minds of an entertainment-hungry audience, one more film joins the queue. The name itself raised questions: Glamour.

Though the name might suggest otherwise, debutante director Mahua Chakraborty insists the film has nothing to do with “glamour” as we understand it because it is a nail-biting suspense thriller. Produced by Purendu Roy of Orion Entertainment, Glamour promises to bring across a good bouquet of entertainment spiced up with music composed by debutant music directors Shibashish and Sanjib. The lyrics of the six songs have been penned by Debdatta Sinha whose creative pieces made a positive impact on the music director-duo. Rajib and Manjima are two more who have joined in the lyrics department. Glamour can also be called a musical thriller, perhaps a new genre within the thriller category of films. This idea springs from an array of outstanding singers like Silajit, Rupam Islam and Rupankar, who have readily lent their voices for the new music director-duo. The other singers are Nilakhi Roy and Riya Roychoudhury.

Glamour features Parambrato Chatterjee as the MD of a leading production house, the protagonist of this murder mystery. “I was not really interested in this film when Mahua approached me through a telephone call. She persuaded me to at least listen to the script before saying no. We fixed up a meeting. When she read the script to me, I was fascinated by the way in which she had visualised the entire film from beginning to end. I know, both as a director and an actor myself, that this is not easy for most directors and she is into her first film. I said ‘yes’ and I do not regret my decision to accept the role of Aryan Chatterjee,” said Parambrato, who has been given a slightly offbeat look with a touch of grey in his hair.

Since Glamour is a thriller, the makers and all concerned are not overly concerned about giving out the story so one has to pick and choose from the small bytes of information from the cast to get the hang of this mystery. “I play a double role in this film for the first time in my career,” said Parno Mitra, who plays, on the one hand, the creative director of a fashion magazine, and a journalist on the other. “It was very challenging for me because Mahuadi has created two diametrically opposite looks for me for the twin roles I did in the film and I enjoyed it thoroughly,” she says. The unveiled trailer at the music launch went on to prove that, indeed, she wears diametrically opposite looks, so much so that as the more glamorous of the two personas, it is difficult to recognise her as Parno.

Veteran actor Sabyasachi Chakraborty plays a tough advocate in the film. “Mine is the most unromantic and uninteresting character in the entire film,” he adds, tongue firmly in cheek. The script and the story are by Mahua herself and the entire cast is impressed by her determination to see her work reach the end the way she has perceived it. “She is extremely determined in everything she does,” says character actor Shantilal Mukherjee, who does an interesting role. The tall and lanky Avrajit, who is a familiar face on Bengali satellite channels, is playing “perhaps the longest role in the film”.

Dr Purnendu Roy, chairman and managing director of Orion Entertainment said, “I think Glamour is one of the finest thriller flicks that happened in recent times. The packaging itself will speak about the equity. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey and it can be vouched with firm conviction that Orion Entertainment will come out with more such innovative content which will consolidate Bengali film repertoire.”

The “look” of Glamour, as unveiled in the brief clipping, does not quite appear to carry the rough edges of a debutante director. Director of production Pratap Rout has created frames in muted shades of browns, ochres and yellows, which invests the finished product with a touch of subtlety and aesthetic finesse. Priyam Biswas has edited the film. The focus of the story is about Aryan Chatterjee, who is sentenced for committing rape for four years. But as he knows he is innocent, he makes it a personal responsibility to wrench himself out of this crisis. The rest of the cast wittingly or unwittingly gets entangled in this web of thrills and suspense. Did he or didn’t he? That is the question that sets the advocate’s thought process rolling in different directions.