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Things to keep in mind

Aspirants writing the Civil Services Main Examination must be at the last stage of their preparation. 

Ramesh Singh |

Aspirants writing the Civil Services Main Examination must
be at the last stage of their preparation. Just few weeks are left when they
write the exam and has such a huge prescribed syllabus that candidates do never
feel they are done with all. Yet, there is a strategy to go for and the
approach should also change. Last moments are crucial and should be careful
about the following important things. 

 Approaching the subject matter: Preparation should follow “area approach” as
this way it is easier to answer. 

Being a bit broad: By now aspirants get selective in their preparation narrowed
down to selective questions, areas or topics. However, it should be done
wisely. Looking into some unusual areas and questions may save the day. 

The method of revision: Till
now revision should be done more by writing and less by reading. Practically,
by now aspirants must have done writing practice for all selected questions at
least twice. As the exam gets closer writing should be cut down and more time
should be allotted on reading the notes. If the aspirant has notes made in
snippets nothing could be better. 

Sustainable writing practice: Writing practice should be cut down by now but
still around three hours writing should be done every day. This helps to
sustain harmony in pace and quality of handwriting. Aspirants should use the
paper of similar quality and type for writing practice. 

Handling pressure of delivering: Candidates
are supposed to write around 4,000 words each paper which is not an easy task.
This is why it is suggested to follow an objective style of answer writing.
Wherever it is possible it is advised to keep creating points. By doing so, one
can save time and be more informative. If the answer looks complete before
reaching the 200 words mark, there is no need to extend the size. If one is
running out of time, in that case, there is nothing wrong concluding the answer
by 150 to 160 words. Contents matter more than the size. 

Sleep, food, water and
breathe: It is never advisable to keep toiling whole night. It is always
encouraged to use the day time for study being in sync with the natural clock
of your body. Light and nutritious food, ample intake of water and deep
breathing keep the pressure under control and infuses positive energy.

In the examination hall: It
is quite essential to regulate oneself in the examination hall. Few tips have
been quite helpful like no question is easy so never start answering without
getting clarity about the central idea of the questions. Deep breathing
throughout the paper will always energise you.

By Ramesh Singh