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The best fit experience

Meyeinla Longchar | New Delhi |

Launched in 2016 LoveURAPpearance is a unique platform for those with non-standard sizes who are always struggling to find fashionable options in clothing. It focuses on modern women to shop for the best and the latest in all kinds like dresses, skirts, tops, bottoms, rompers, jeans and ethnic wear in endless choices of colours, fabrics, and designs.

Based out of Gurugram, it is presently catering to fashion-conscious from Mumbai, Pune, Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Gujarat, Chennai, and Chandigarh. Users are only required to pick the design they love from the elaborate collection, share the measurements if looking to avail the customisation service, register and get the outfit made as per their size and design specifications and delivered at their doorstep within 12 to15 days. Through their online presence, it is able to deliver across the globe, including the USA and Canada. Excerpts from an interview with Vidit Sehgal, head marketing and IT, co-founder,

Q Tell us about LoveURAPpearance.Who is it for?

This is India’s first online women’s fashion brand offering 21 sizes and styles in every stylish garment along with customisation options for plus and odd sizes. It is an avant-garde platform that offers tailor-made styles, trending designs and the best fit experience for every woman so that she can embrace and love her body and flaunt any trend that she may like.

It is for those with non-standard sizes who are always struggling to find fashionable options in clothing. Our ultimate objective is to become country’s number one women’s fashion brand in customisation and the plus size category and convince people to love themselves irrespective of their body shape and size.

Q What are some of the valuable aspects of being in the online fashion industry?

An online fashion industry can be tough, even more if it is a custom clothing brand. Since fit and fabric are the two most important aspects, one needs to get it right in the first attempt to make the product for the customer— since each size fits differently to different person with same size.

It is easier for the bulk stock players, as they can sell the same product in one size to many people unlike us. Lastly, this industry needs to make sure that they act like a personal stylist to the customer. Things have changed, so offering bespoke and personalised services is the need of the hour.

Q How do you think this brand is making a difference?

As India’s plus-size fashion industry is estimated to be $ 22 billion, LURAP intends to introduce concepts like “tailor at the doorstep” and “Match my size”, to establish itself as the most preferred platform for styleloving women in the country. Conceived with the aim to offer affordable custom clothing to match every customer’s unique style and size profile, we focus on crafting clothes tailored and fitted by expert professionals.

Q What is your say on the fashion industry in India today?

If we compare it to the other developing or developed countries, we are still behind on the quality, adaptability, designs, wanting to try different things, etc. Take for example a plus size industry.We stand at the second largest plus size population in the world, yet there is no proper clothing brand that can cater to this unserved segment. This is unlike the US where you have many players offering such clothing. Fashion should be fashion and not merely a piece of cloth. This industry has a long way to go.