For outbound tourists from Bengal yearning to taste the world of luxury in Thailand, here’s some interesting news. There’s much to do in Thailand for luxury-seekers including finedining, nightlife, luxury shopping, golfing, yachting, wellness and spa, not to mention exotic activities like beach dinner and elephant camping.
There’s the Four Seasons Resort at Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Bangkok and Koh Samui that boasts the A to Z of hospitality. In this scenario, what is it that makes Thailand stand out from other luxury destinations? Isra Stapanaseth, director, Tourism Authority of Thailand informed, “Thai hospitality, an astounding range of products, accumulation of luxury haunts and resorts, wellness and spa,  strategic locations along with top-of-the-line service providers make Thailand an exceptional and delightful luxury hotspot.   There is Trad Province in the east coast of Thailand that is barely three hours’ drive from Bangkok and has emerged as the latest luxury destination.” Stapanaseth was speaking at the “Amazing Thailand Luxury Road Show 2016” hosted in Kolkata recently.
There are facilities for mahout training at the Four Seasons Resort at Chiang Mai. Stapanaseth said, “There is an elephant Island at Koh Chang in Trad Province and it takes only 40 minutes to reach by flight from Bangkok. Kolkata is the major Indian metro nearest to Bangkok and the tourist market in the city is highly significant for us. Around 8,50,000 Indian visitors touched down in Thailand from January to September, this year. We are eyeing to welcome nearly 1.2 million Indian tourists this year.” Besides, over 33 million global tourists flew down to Thailand this year.Some of the new tourist haunts in Thailand are the green destinations of Khao Yai, Bangkok sky tour and the Golden Triangle of Thailand,  Cambodia and Vietnam. In today's times,  Thailand has emerged as a luxury wedding destination for Indians. Stapanaseth revealed, “Indian weddings hosted in Thailand are relatively cheaper than in India. There is everything on offer for wedding guests right from mehndi, elephants, sangeet ceremony, live Indian music et al.”
For five consecutive years, Thailand has been voted the best wedding destination by Travel + Leisure magazine. For prospective Indian tourists to Thailand, the visa fee has been relaxed from December this year to 28 February. The visa-on-arrival fee is 1000 Baht while Indian visitors getting their formalities done in India can travel to Thailand without shelling out any visa fee.