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Rush to Old Delhi before the holy month ends!

Tamanna Naseer/ |

Filled with the aroma of food, busy vendors, and pious atmosphere, the lanes of Old Delhi lighten up during the holy month of Ramadan. Firnis, keema samosas, changezi chicken, biryanis, kebabs, watermelon shakes and a host of other mouth-watering exotic dishes make it a must visit for every food lover in the national capital.

“There are some dishes that are available in Purani Dilli (old Delhi) only during Ramadan, this includes keema samosas, keema golis and paneer jalebis. These dishes are served during a particular time in the evening,” Anubhav Sapra, founder Delhi Food Walks, told

Sapra started Ramadan Food Walks four years ago to bring together food lovers of the city to relish the iftar and sehri delicacies and with a larger motive to understand the culture, mannerisms and cuisines of the faithful Muslims and spread “inter-faith solidarity”.

Now, every evening, as the sun sets, and the hooter rings out at the Jama Masjid, the day&’s fast is ended, and the feast begins in the walled city with families, bearded-old men, young college students, and middle-aged professionals crowding the maze-like streets to satisfy their taste buds.

“I’m a big fan of biryanis, tikkas and kebabs. I had come to Karim&’s before. But, this is the first time I’m actually exploring Dilli-6. The deliciousness of the non-vegetarian food served here doesn’t match the high end restaurants’ also,” said 25-year old Roshni Madan while gorging on the tikkas at Aslam Chicken corner.

From the changezi chicken at Al Jawahar, the mirch masala biryani at Pehalwaan Biryaniwale to the mutton-filled keema samosas at Kallan Sweets and the mutton burra kebab at Karim&’s, visitors are actually left spoilt for choices, here. Most of these places remain open till 12 am.

And this is not all. The narrow lanes have lots to offer to the sweet lovers too. The paneer jalebis and the shahi tukdaas at Kallan Sweets, the balushahis at Ameer Sweet shop and the firnis served in clay cups by the roadside sellers are an absolute delight. Then there&’s water-melon drink called Pyar Mohabbat Mazza served at Nawab Qureshi&’s which is also a hit among the visitors. 

Accompanied by a group of friends, Rahul Singh said, “We have tried nihari at Haji Shabrati and boti kebabs at Qureshi Corner. Already full, but everything looks tempting and we aren’t ready to stop.” “The best part is that the food here is very pocket-friendly,” he added.

“It&’s actually difficult to name two or three places,” said Sapra, when asked if he could suggest three names that serve great food. “Ameer, Kalan, Pehalwan and Nawab Querishi&’s are the best without doubt.”

The holy month of Ramadan will come to an end this week. So, all food lovers should take some time out to pay a visit to the old city if they haven’t done it yet and experience the flavours and vibrant mood of the season.