Studies have proven that pet animals decrease stress and the sense of loneliness among human beings. Sharing your home with your pets, playing with them, and petting them improves the happy-hormone in your brain called oxytocin.  The same also decreases the stress or anxiety levels related to the hormone–cortisol.

Pets are innocent.  They do not care how you look, what you wear, what you do, how much you earn, or how healthy or unhealthy you are. They just want to love and be loved. Having a pet or pets, and making them part of your life and your daily activities help to take away your loneliness and depression. 

The fact that they do not judge you materialistically but your ability to share and love others makes them a crucial part of your mental and emotional health.

Without being demanding or damaging your feelings in any way, they love you unconditionally. No matter how rude or angry you were at them or the way you have treated them the day before, they will greet you every day with the same enthusiasm and love. 

Human needs and craves physical touch, no not talking about the sexual one here, but how every man and woman feel the need to be hugged and touched. As the world is turning ultra-modern we are forgetting the value of real human-to-human and eye-to-eye contact. Thanks to social media and the growing need for the internet that is making us alone at every passing day. 

Keeping a pet or pets with you as your companion can help reduce anxiety by creating an emotional bond between you and the animal. Animals need care and attention like human babies. All animals require care and attention, having emotional support from a pet can reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Among elderly people, pet animals may also improve their heart condition by lowering blood pressure and regulating the heart rate during stressful situations. 

Listed below are a few reasons how animals help you improve your quality of life.

Makes you fit and healthy: As you regularly take them out, play with them your remain active more than non-pet owners. Also, pet owners have higher blood circulation in stressful situations.

Gives you company: Pets take away your loneliness, teach you the value of unconditional love and emotional bond creation.

Reduces anxiety and stress levels: Having animals around you as pets has resulted in improved mental health among depressed patients.

 Add quality to your life: Having someone to care and love, and to be loved and cared by someone is something every human desires.