November is that time of the year when the day ends too
quickly and the morning doesn’t seem to run away from the warmth of our quilts.
A cup of coffee and a book seems the perfect intellectual stereotype which
Hollywood has popularised and here’s a playlist to further your intellectual

1)Lay Lady Lay, Bob Dylan: 
As Bob Dylan’s hauntingly calm yet broken voice rings through my room, I
can almost imagine a rustle of cold wintery wind blowing through my buzz cut
hair as I sit looking for an end to the lake from where the Sun says Good
Morning. A song about love, and only love, for a woman his or maybe other’s,
this song has the potential to make you cuddle up in bed thinking about the
person who will never be yours. At least that is what I do!

2)XO, John Mayer: Although I consider John Mayer what has
gone wrong with country music, in his cover of Beyoncé’s XO, he  does a fine job in singing through the lyrics
of a song based on an electric tune to make people dance. Although the lyrics
are of continuing love and “hugs and kisses”, Mayer succeeds in bringing pain
and emotional depth in the song enough for you to sing along.

3)Fare thee Well, Oscar Isaac: The owner of any Star Wars
fan’s heart after Force Awakens, Oscar Isaac starred in a gem of a movie which
went by the name Inside Llewyn Davis by the Coen brothers in 2013 which had one
of my favourite soundtracks of all time. Although “Fare Thee Well” is a popular
folk song, Oscar Isaac’s version hits the right spot as you cuddle in bed with
an imaginary teddy bear and then cry.

4)Sunday Morning, The Velvet Underground: Here is a song
about a Sunday Morning which will weird you out from a band which is now known
to weird people out with their music produced in the Golden Age of Rock and
Roll- The Velvet Underground. One cannot describe this song and it is best if
you hear it!

5)Dancing in the Dark, Bruce Springsteen: To end off the
list, this is a song which will pick you up from the lull the previous four
sent you into. About Bruce Springsteen’s struggles for inspiration and pressure
to produce hit after hit, it has a sad defeat about it and yet if you see the
video, a quite comedic band member and a young Courtney Cox will pick your
spirits up and have you go jumping and running about.

 Class XII, Coordinator, Julien Day
School, Kolkata