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Learn while you play


With summers in full swing ‘Learn while you play’ amusements for children are to be found a plenty.

Seeking to offer a cool respite for children over five years of age and impart skating lessons in the process, iSKATE provides tailormade sessions on ice skating and figure skating.

"We are offering an exciting opportunity for children to escape from the sweltering heat while they can learn new skills," says Karan Rai, Operations Manager iSKATE.

The summer training classes at iSkate can be availed both individually and in a group, where children will be given an introduction to the sport, before being trained the basics that include tying laces, walking, developing balance, sliding, turning and stopping on the ice.

The skating lessons, which include seven to ten sessions are being given by professionals and have been priced between Rs 6,000 to Rs 8,000 depending on the skills of the child.

"Training is imparted in a controlled environment under guidance of professional trainers from the US, Canada, Russia as well as medal winners from National Ice Skating Team such as Chanderbhan, Simrita Sahwney and Aashu Singh," says Rai.

Besides the basics, advanced skills such as reverse skating, jumps, spins as well as posture enhancement are also taught at the training.

Ice Hockey Training Camps also form a part of this summer endeavour by iSkate.

"Ice Hockey lessons will be imparted by players of the Indian National Team," says Rai.

Also with temperatures soaring up to 45 degrees, the cool ambiance at the ice skating rink seems to be an inviting one.

"The temperatures here are kept close to zero degrees to maintain the ice rink. We also have an in-house DJ besides the food and beverage outlets," says Rai.

A month long ‘Summer Safari’ by DLF Place, Saket is a first of its kind recreational pop up for children that features a jungle themed play corner replete with adventure and fantasy- from reading clubs and origami art to a Squap Championship.

By catering to multiple interests of children, the programme is an attempt to explore the imagination and abilities of young minds.

"When at the safari, kids get to connect with nature and wildlife, take on new responsibilities, to explore their imagination, develop their creativity and become more expressive. It is an amazing chance that all children will benefit from," says Benu Sehgal, Mall Head.

Animal rights group "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" (PETA) are organising a sensitisation of young minds about treatment of animals through story-telling and showcasing a 28-minute film on animals and pets.

Parents are only required to present a copy of their shopping bill at the concierge desk, and their kids can experience the adventure for free, says Sehgal.

Other summer activities across the region include "Summer School" by British Council, which caters to children aged between 8 and 15 years.

The 30-hour annual summer programme is theme based and designed to develop language skills, vocabulary and pronunciation in children.

This year the theme is "Caring for the Planet!", and includes projects which are different from those in regular schools and help inculcate confidence, creativity, communication and team-working skills in children.

On the last day of the course, parents will be invited to watch their child perform on stage and see the works that they have proceed throughout the course, according to organisers.

Parents can choose from a shorter course for a duration three weeks and another that is set for nine weeks, beginning June 17.