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Give children a choice and they are bound to come up with the most unexpected demands, a colleague contended. Guileless and innocent, they say the first thing that comes to their mind. Often hilarious, it can sometimes put adults, usually the parents or teacher, in a fix. Of course, one has also to contend with tantrums thrown by the tinytots when they are denied what they demand. Our colleague narrated one such incident, which fortunately, turned out to be a rib-tickler rather than end up in tantrums and tears.

On a recent late evening full-service flight that the colleague took for an outstation assignment, the air-hostesses came around with the meal trolley when dinner was served, asking each passenger one’s preference ~ vegetarian or non-vegetarian and the choice offered as per the menu. When they reached our colleague, one of the air-hostesses sweetly asked a young child seated next to her what he would like to have for dinner. The child thought for a few seconds and placed his order: “How about a sub?” As the other passengers broke into chuckles and grins, the flummoxed air-hostess was at pains to explain to the child that there was a limited choice from which he had to choose. She helped him settle for one of the meals offered in the flight and thus saved the situation. However, our colleague could not help but recall an advertisement for a well-known pizza brand, where a child asks for a burger and refuses to budge from his demand!